Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Well, the 2-year + anniversary of my blog came and went with nary a post, a recipe, a comment. (Truth be told, I had a different blog before this one, but I don't remember when that one started.) But this one started December 16, 2007. Can you believe that? Pretty crazy.

I managed to catch a cold from my child late last week. Which turned into a RAGING sinus infection. I've never had one before. I don't recommend them. There has been no cooking this week. Right now I am thankful for leftover soup from the freezer, edamame, fruit, nuts, cheese, toast, boxed mac and cheese, and the Domino's pizza guy. And herbal tea. In a couple of days I will hopefully be thankful for amoxicillin. It hasn't kicked in yet. This is awful. No running either, and I'm missing that. They kicked me out of work today! (well, after letting me work 6 straight hours)

Okay, time for bed. Hopefully I'll be better in the morning. My hubby is hoping he has a date for his company holiday party tomorrow night. I'm not so sure.

I leave you with a little math:
If you substitute 1 glass of wine each day with 1 cup of herbal tea with a bit of honey (1 tsp), you save about 100 cals/day or 10 lbs in a year.

Not that I need to lose 10 lbs. I do like my wine, but not lately that's for sure...


Joanne said...

I hope you feel better chica! Sinus infections are definitely no fun.

I like your wine statistic. I keep telling my dad that if he just gives up wine during the week, he will lose weight without having to lift a finger. But no one listens.

Happy bloggiversary! What an accomplishment!

Marcia said...

Thanks! My husband gave me some Afrin, which has at least slightly abated the unending nose blowing temporarily.

I've discussed weight loss a lot with my boss. I lost >50 lbs about 7 years ago. His problem is wine, dried fruit, and nuts. I told him that my tips are cut back to only weekends, or only 1/2 glass a night (maybe 1 for a man), or to give yourself a "budget", like 2 bottles a month.

I don't think he's taking my advice.

Amy B said...

Just a quick comment to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. It's great to read things I can relate to so well and you have a great attitude. Happy holidays!