Monday, March 9, 2009

A New Recipe Source

So, I have a crockpot. Two, truthfully. One small (a 2-piece job, like a griddle and a metal rectangular thing that goes on top) that I got as a bridal shower gift (in 1996). And a bigger crock one (still low-budget - no timer) last year.

I don't use them much. Crockpots are great for meat.

We don't eat much meat. What do I mean by that? Well, I'm planning a taco soup for Thursday, and I dig out the ground sirloin from the freezer, which says "September" on it. Then I spend 10 mins trying to figure out how long ground beef keeps in the freezer. Answer: 4 months, or indefinitely. Indefinitely, but freezer burn might harm the quality. It will still be safe.

So I'll see after it's defrosted if I want to use it. Otherwise, it will be a vegetarian taco soup.

The last couple of times that I googled "vegetarian crockpot recipes" or "vegan crockpot recipes" (admittedly a few years ago), I found a couple here and there.

This time: mother lode. And from one of my favorite sites: Fat Free Vegan.

So here it is:


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