Monday, November 3, 2008

The Flu and Persimmons

Ah, I had all the best intentions. I decided to try a challenge over at Frugal Fu to not eat out in November. There were a couple of caveats- I would not deny my husband his Friday Lunches out (this is my goal, not his), and we would likely set aside 1-2 meals out with friends who are visiting for Thanksgiving.

And I blew it. On Nov. 2. I came down with a bit of the flu, spent all day in the couch feeling feverish and achy. And had my husband order pizza for dinner. I'd already defrosted the food, but didn't much feel like cooking (or eating) it. And worse, we ordered EXPENSIVE pizza ($40 for two mediums). It *is* our favorite pizza place, my son loved it, and we hadn't ordered pizza from there in more than a year though.

I'm feeling fine today. I'm guessing though it's not common, I probably just had a reaction to my flu shot on Friday. Better that than a 5-day flu event.

Ah well, back on the horse. I did an inventory of my pantry and freezer and figure I can feed my family for the entire month of November and then some. Not counting the Thanksgiving day needs. Tonight will be the orange chicken and rice with coconut and macadamias - which was supposed to be last night's dinner. I still have an unopened can of macadamias from our last trip to Hawaii (in April of 2007).

On to persimmons. This is a fruit we get this time of year from the farm. And I never know what to do with them. You have to wait until they are very soft. And then what? Persimmon cookies, persimmon bread - these are "sweet" things, and I really would prefer healthier options.

So this weekend, I decided - hey, they are mushy, I bet they'd make a perfect smoothie. And they did! I was glued to the couch, so my hub made smoothies with persimmon, apple juice, and some frozen tropical fruit (purchased in the 6-lb bag from Costco). Yummy!

Anybody have good persimmon recipes?

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