Saturday, November 4, 2017

Today's cooking chores and meals

So, there's this "new kid" (not really new anymore) at work who is vegan.  Though he'll eat dairy if it's the only option or free leftovers.

He was eating Mujaddara (Arabic rice and lentils) and it reminded me how much I like that stuff.

So I'm making it for dinner tonight.  I was supposed to go to Mom's night and see a movie, but too many of them are sick so they cancelled.  And I'm healthy, WTF?

I skipped my run today, was going to walk instead.  Now I think I'm going to go have a glass of wine instead.  Fair trade, right?  I've got a trail run tomorrow and I just bought new shoes.  ALL my shoes are dying. 
1. I've got my walking shoes, that are the same running shoes I always buy. But this year's version was narrower!  Too small for running.
2.  My running shoes, that I bought for my 1/2 marathon are pretty much dead, and also too small.  They are fine for 4 miles, but more than that, no.
3.  My trail running shoes are too tight. 

Basically, my feet grew this year.

4.  My Ecco work shoes, that I've had for 15 years?  Soles are shredded.  I just noticed.  I stopped wearing them for a few years around pregnancy because my feet swelled.  Anyway, dead.  I have a different pair of black shoes that will work.

I bought D width New Balance trail shoes, which don't have enough cushion but we'll have to see.

So, today's cooking chores: because some day I'm going to need ideas.

Made gluten free oatmeal banana bread.  I added chocolate chips.  And edited the recipe.  Because: of course I did.

Made salsa and guacamole.

Next up:
Baba ganoush
Mujaddara with onions
Peanut lime sauce (maybe...)

Stuff we ate this week:
Rice/ quinoa with Thai red curry chicken and veggies (Trader Joe's frozen harvest hodgepodge)
Rice/ quinoa with Madras lentils (Costco, premade)
Salmon, roast potatoes, salad, green beans
Yellow squash fritters

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