Monday, February 8, 2016

This week's menu

No pictures, I know - boring -

Friday: Shithi's curried chickpeas, over brown rice/ quinoa, with Indian roasted cauliflower
Saturday: see Friday
Sunday brunch: Roasted pepper, broccoli, and shallot frittata (with cheddar and mozzarella). Note to self: MUST buy goat cheese
Sunday dinner: Spaghetti squash gratin, Pizza (Costco frozen)
Monday: leftover pizza and frittata, Roasted red pepper and sweet potato soup
Tuesday: chicken fingers and veggies and hummus
Wednesday: Fish (Costco salmon portions, and Trader Joe's fish sticks) and broccoflower
Thursday: Tacos & salad

(whenever the mood strikes us)
Rosemary olive-oil bread 
Roasted pepper hummus
Garlic and herb salad dressing (uh, yeah, it's super garlicky, no vampires here!)

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