Friday, December 27, 2013

My New Year's Goals

I'm really not one to make resolutions.  I just strive to do my best every day.  But right now, I'm thinking I need a goal.  You see, I got two cute sweaters for Christmas as gifts.  And...they are a size too small.  Now, because they are sweaters I think I can still wear them.  But it doesn't help that I have a really cute shirt I got last year for Christmas that I have yet to wear, because it's too small.

So in that vein, I have some health goals for the year.  But they are health goals, not weight goals.  So, here goes:

1.  Eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day.  You'd think this would be a no brainer. And there were times when I easily put down 8-10 servings a day.  But man, that's a lot of prep work and it's hard to do that with toddlers.  One way I can do better with this is to eat fruit for breakfast.  So, here's my fruit goal for breakfast.  Alternate:

- yogurt with bananas and berries and granola
- smoothie with Amazing Grass
- banana whipped oatmeal
- fruit (2 pieces) and a handful of nuts

Eat at least two servings each for lunch and dinner.

2.  Cut back on the sugar.  The holiday sweets.  They were bad.  And I got the whole family into the bad habit.  So, no more sweets unless I bake them.

3.  Eat more greens, beans, nuts, and mushrooms.

4.  Get more regular exercise.  Let's face it - with my sleep issues and work schedule, I'm not going to be running any half marathons.  Nor am I going to look like Maria Kang.  But I can work exercise into my day.  Here's my goal: 6 days a week.  The requirements on any given day are minimal.  They can include:

- Walk at least two miles
- Run a mile (this is soooo unlikely with my ankle, but you never know!)
- Do 15 mins of strength training, whether with weights or body weight
- Do 15 mins of intervals at home
- Do any 15+ minutes of any workout DVD.
- Do any class at the gym (spinning, yoga, etc.)
- Do any 20 minutes of cardio at the gym - swim, bike, elliptical

You see that the requirements here are rather small on any given day.  On Christmas morning I went for a 2.3 mile walk - it was slow, only 2 miles per hour (pushing the baby in his new car).  But - it was walking.  Really I want to incorporate exercise into my day so that it is "incidental".

5.  Chill out.  I kind of started with the "Sabbath".  I also continued it with using my PTO liberally.  I earn a certain number of days per year to be used for sick,  holiday, and vacations.  In September, I just decided to use it when I needed it.  So unlike earlier, when I would work >40 hours per week - these days - well I haven't worked a full 80 hours in two weeks since September.  So I've been using PTO every single pay period (for sick time, appointments, etc.)  It means that I may never have enough time off to go on an actual vacation.  But I'm finding that by taking time off as I need it - I don't feel the need for a vacation like I used to.  So win-win really.

6.  Continue the lunch dates with my hubby, at least 2x a month.

7.  Play with my kids more.  As they grow, figure out what they like to do. This means building blocks and playing with stickers with the toddler and learning more about chess with the big boy.

8.  Drink more tea.  I have been chilling out at night with herbal tea, and it's very nice.  I also haven't been drinking much wine.  I have a LOT of wine right now (1.5 cases).

9.  Don't freak out as much when the kids get sick (I can't help it!  I keep thinking about the work that I'm not getting done!)

10.  Have friends over for dinner at least once a month.  I don't do this enough's a lot of work.  But you know, it doesn't HAVE to be so much work!  I can throw a roast in the crockpot.

11.  Knit, crochet, sew, make jewelry.  I have so many craft items lying dormant.  For the last month, I have been working on little holiday projects.  I find it so relaxing!!  It really is good for me.

12.  Read 10 minutes before bed.  I have been doing a pretty good job at this.

13.  SLEEP!  I have sleep issues. I have been trying to sleep as much as possible.  If I've had a couple of bad days, then I happily take a Unisom.

Wow, that's a really long list.  I guess I'm a dabbler, what can I say?


Biz said...

I love your goals Marcia! I love the dates with your husband the most I think. Because when your kids grow up and move out - it will be just the two of you, and you never don't want to know your husband just as the father of your kids - but rather your partner in life beyond revolving around the kids. :D

Happy New Year!

Andrea said...

I like your goals a lot, Marcia! They are doable, and I can relate to a lot of them.

I started using my slow cooker when we have guests a few months ago, and it makes entertaining a lot more doable. I used to think that I had to make really extravagant meals when we had guests. And then I realized that it's all about spending time with people who are important to you... I stress out a lot less these days (most of the time...). :)

Patty said...

Love these goals. I may copy them pretty much wholesale!