Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving Budgeting

I don't particularly budget for holidays like Thanksgiving.  Usually we just cook a big dinner and eat a lot of leftovers.

Last year we took a vacation instead of eating at home.  Our budget this year was much lower.

Last year's approximate budget:
3 nights in a hotel in Carlsbad (The Hilton Oceanfront Resort and Spa)
2 days at LEGOLAND
Associated food (lunches and a couple of dinners).  Gas.

This three day trip cost about $1000.

This year's approximate budget:
Pre-cooked meal from Fresh and Easy: $60 (about $30 more than it would cost if we cooked it ourselves).
Bagel breakfast this morning: $10
Possible burger lunch tomorrow - it's Sunday Sabbath: $30.

This year's fun: $70 more than a standard year.

The "fun" things we did this weekend (since we were not on vacation):
Thursday beach walk with a former coworker (free!)
Sleepover for my son (friend was here)
Lunch and walk with a friend (here): free!  (leftovers)

It was definitely more relaxing than traveling.  The tree is up, the leftovers are delicious.  I've spent quite a bit of time working on Christmas projects/ gifts.  Our family calendar came - I make one on, order 10, and give them as gifts.  This year, I copied last year's so I could keep the birthdates on there and not retype them.  At the last minute, I realized that I hadn't changed "2013" to "2014" on the cover.  So I caught that.

Apparently, what I DIDN'T catch was my son's birthdays - the calendar says they will be 7 and 1 next year.  Whoops.  Going to fix those manually.

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