Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Planning and scheduling

So, I went back to work this week.  Part time.  The biggest issue this week is the planning and the scheduling of meals.

You see, spouse and I are trying to lose weight.  So we are also logging everything into MyFitnessPal.  That adds a whole new level to the planning.  You  have to make sure you eat enough but not too much.  You need to plan ahead and not be caught off guard.  It's challenging.  My diet plan recommends planning a week in advance, all meals.  I could only handle 4 days.

So for the next week, I'm going to try something new and different.  Or old and the same.  Meaning, I'm going to pick one thing to eat for lunch, and that's what we'll eat for lunch.  Example: a week of burritos (homemade and/or Trader Joe's).  Or a week of sandwiches (make sure we buy enough bread and fillings).  Or a week of rice and stir fry vegetables.  This week we had a lot of pasta.

It may get boring, but we'll see.  For example, the week of stir fry I can buy cauliflower, carrots, broccoli, and peppers, and mix up the veggies each day.  For burritos, I love them so much I can eat bean and cheese burritos no problem.

Then all I have to do is plan the dinners, and three different ones with leftover should do the trick.

Every other time I've lost weight, I've eaten leftovers for lunch. That works too, but some time mid-week you run out, then you have to choose what your next lunch will be.  And seriously, with two kids, I have so little time.  From when I pick up my kid from school until I pass out in bed, there is NO down time.  So planning each day, or even several times per week, doesn't work.

So next week is burrito week.  I'll make burritos on the weekend and freeze them, and plan out our fruits and vegetables.  I overbought on fruit this week.  Still have an entire melon and many apples left.


Biz said...

I could eat bean burritos every day and never get sick of them! I like your meal plan - hope it works for you! :D

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