Monday, August 6, 2012

I'm still here!

My husband is half way through his business trip (outdoors, in Arizona, in August, and on his birthday no less.  Sucks to be him.)  So, I'm here, but I've been trying to hold down the fort of two kids and my MIL, and a head cold.  She's awesome and a huge help.  If only the baby would sleep for longer than 3-3.5 hrs at a stretch.

So mostly we've been eating leftovers.  Sandwiches for lunch and enchiladas for dinner...a friend sold a family dinner to raise money for her daughter's school.  A lasagna pan of chicken enchiladas, a lasagna pan of rice, a half pan of beans, and cookies.  So, we still have a ton left.  After 3 meals, I put the rest in the freezer.

The only interesting thing I've added to my repertoire is yogurt - the local store had Choibani yogurt for sale (I got the 2% 32 oz tub), so I've added blueberries, strawberries, and toasted almonds.  Yum.  I'm channeling biz here.  I am finding that I need much more protein now that I'm nursing (which I remember from last time around too).  And when I eat the protein, I don't spend the entire day starving.  Now that I remembered that and have added it back in, I've lost a couple of pounds.  Yay!


Biz said...

Woop! Love that you have added yogurt to the mix.

I made my first Green monster today - it was delish! I drank it on the way to work, it was finished by 8:30 and now it's nearly 11:30 and I am still super full - and I got 5 servings of fruits/veggies in!

Marcia said...

LOVE green smoothies.