Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Still Here

And still mostly cooking. Things have been really crazy lately. I'm working this weird Sun-Thurs schedule temporarily, which is throwing me off my game.

I'm training for a half marathon on Saturday. Except I injured my hips on the 10 miler. And they ache. Constantly. My friends say it's probably an IT band injury. So I am stretching and walking and doing foam roller this week. My shoes, that I've been wearing for three months, decided to give me a blister (they are pressing into my big toe now).

So on race day, I will need some moleskin. And Ibuprofen. And a goal of enjoying the day, and not so much the goal of hitting a 10 min mile. At least I managed to do that at the 10-miler, so I made my goal for the year. One of my old Navy buddies turned me on to the Galloway method of running distance (run 5 min, walk 1). This appeals to me for sure, even though I've already proven I can run the whole thing. See, it's supposed to prevent injury (oh, if I'd known about it before....) I might be doing that on the race too.

Sometimes, you gotta accept your own body. Not a runner's body. Not a runner's hips. Doesn't mean I can't run, it just means that maybe trying to increase my speed might be asking for trouble, and a run/walk combo might be more appropriate. We shall see.

The whole point of registering for this particular 1/2 marathon is because the scenery is gorgeous. So I'm going to enjoy the scenery.

And on food...I've been cooking. Really. Just quick and easy things.
Friday - date night (that I forgot about until my friend facebooked me to remind me)
Saturday - Costco chicken, root vegetable hash, guacamole and chips, salad
Sunday - Shithi's chickpeas (which we were going to have Friday until I realized it was date night)
Monday - fava bean sandwiches

Of course I will be carbo-loading with pasta on Friday night.


Anonymous said...

Oh we have so many of the same problems! I do not have a runners body either and have it band/hip pain too when I run alot. Just have fun Marcia! You will do great and think of the wine you can have when you are done :)

eatmovelove said...

Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment on my blog....I'm really confused - and scared right now. The thing is that I won't be happy with the job because I just don't like the Profession I am in ...it's not just the environment...I was working b/w a couple of different environments within this job/company that were completely different - one with great people and hours...but I still wasn't happy. ...unfortunately being over $100,000 in debt doesn't allow me to just work part-time and write a book like I wish...
I am really disheartened and torn right now because I know I'll just have to accept a job with crappy hours again that I don't want.

Joanne said...

Good luck today babe! You are going to do so well, just take it easy and DON'T GET INJURED! I do kind of have a runners body and yet I still have found myself with hip issues (the new consensus is that it may be a stress fracture on my inferior pubic ramus. Lovely.)

Let us know how you do!