Friday, April 2, 2010

Bad Tempeh and King Corn

So, tempeh is a food that I've only eaten a few times. I like it. Last time I was at the foo foo grocery store up the hill, it was on sale. So I bought 3 packages. A new brand (to me, anyway), the tofurky brand.

Well, the soy-based ones were bad. Moldy. I looked it up on their website, and black dots are okay, but I'm thinking the long black streaks are not. Bummer. (At least, the previous brands I've tried didn't look like that, and I'm not willing to risk it for the $3 I paid.) I'd go return it if I weren't sick with a cold and home alone with a child. I'll just take it as a lesson, and buy the stuff that's not in a box (so I can see it before I buy it).

So, tonight's dinner is going to be more of an experiment. I only have half the amount of tempeh that I need, so I'm changing the proportion of tempeh and white beans in the "sausage" patties (Vegan with a Vengeance).

Anybody here have experience with tempeh? Good recipes?

I finished watching King Corn (love Netflix!) last night. My friend Kelly recommended it. I think. My memory is going with my old age. I'm pretty sure it was her. We like to talk food, and she does, in fact, have her very own chickens. It is a movie from 2007 where a couple of guys moved to Iowa and planted an acre of corn and attempted to figure out what happens to the corn. They had their hair tested and found they were made mostly of corn. Very funny and informative. Had Michael Pollan in it when he had hair. Which is a bit disconcerting.

Anyway, yet another reminder of why not to eat factory-farmed meat that come from CAFO's. So today I spent $6 on one pound of grass fed beef. The regular beef was $2, but I got to thinking about the ammonia, the corn, the antibiotics...yuck.

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