Sunday, February 22, 2009

Refried Beans

Yep, I made three different dishes for tonight. But I made a ton of beans, and even froze some cooked pintos for next month (when the grocery budget is a bit smaller).

Refried beans:
1 lb dry pinto beans, cooked: 0.67
3 cloves garlic, pressed: 0.15
1 small onion, diced: 0.30
salt, pepper, chili powder to taste
2 T canola oil: 0.08
Total: $1.20 for 5 cups, or $0.12 per half cup serving.

I cooked the pintos in the pressure cooker.

Sweat the onion on low heat, covered, until very soft. Remove lid, increase heat, and saute until golden brown.

Add garlic and chili powder and saute one minute.

Add beans and mash with a potato masher, stirring. Add salt and pepper. Continue to cook beans, letting the bottom get dry and crispy, then turning. Cook until desired consistency, add water if necessary.

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